Translator tools

Upward Systems has developed a very powerful tool to ease the translation of texts contained in Visio objects embedded in Word documents.

EVITA logo

The tool, called EVITA (for Embedded Visio Image Translation Assistant) increases the productivity of the translator considerably by constructing a built-in glossary. This makes it easier to maintain the quality your clients expect.

EVITA has been tested on very complex documents in various fields.

The program is simple to install and is easy to use.


  • Translation in an Excel file
  • You can also translate in Trados TagEditor
  • The original text is maintained in the document (although invisible in Visio/Word)
  • Supports both Visio objects embedded in a Word document or native Visio files
  • Glossary function, which allows automatic translation
  • Automatic conversion of number separators, according to the target language

The manual can be downloaded here.

The program (an Excel file) be downloaded here.